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Texas Hunting

From Trophy Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting to the finest trophy whitetail deer for sale so you can stock your ranch. We have it all!!!

We offer all forms of hunting in Texas including rifle, hand gun, archery, cross bow, muzzle loader/black powder and shotgun. We offer one-on-one fully guided whitetail deer hunting and exotic hunting including axis deer hunting, black buck deer hunting, and hog hunting.

At Perfect 10 Whitetails we understand your budget as well as the economy plays an important part in your whitetail deer hunting decisions. Therefore we have implemented a very fair pricing structure to insure you have a memorable as well as an affordable whitetail deer hunting experience. You will have to look long and hard to find better quality whitetails and the best Texas Hunting prices in the state. Please visit our Hunting Fees page for specific pricing.

Texas Whitetail Deer Breeders

We are a top, state of the art Texas Whitetail deer breeding operation and offer Whitetail Deer For Sale. We sell trophy breeder bucks, stocker bucks, does, bred does, bottle raised fawns and semen from some of the best genetics in the state of Texas. We offer boarding service for your deer, AI (artificial insemination) services, and bottle raising of your fawns and fawn care.

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  • Texas Deer Hunting Ranch

    Our attention to detail has every client’s comfort in mind. Perfect 10 Whitetails takes you to the untamed State of Nature, the Hill Country of Texas and one of the best deer hunting experiences you will ever have.

  • Whitetail and Exotic Animal Hunting

    Exotic species such as those found at Perfect 10 can be hunted year round since there are no legal restrictions on hunting non-native species.

  • Junction Texas Deer Hunting Guides

    The guides and staff are experienced at this Junction Texas hunting ranch and fully committed to giving hunters the best hunt possible.  Our Texas hunting guides have A 100% success rate.

  • Deer Breeding at it’s Best

    Some of our AI sires include genetics from Highroller, Maxbo, Goliath, Yardstick, Renegade, Highlander, Bones, and Gladiator just to name a few.

  • Deer for Sale

    At Perfect 10 Whitetails we go to great lengths and expense to bottle raise all our doe fawns and any future bucks that we feel have the genetics to be future breeders. We offer breeder bucks, buck and Doe stockers, Semen, and fawns for sale.

  • Youth Hunting Specials

    In order to promote youth hunting, we are offering a $250 discount off our regular price for youth’s 18 years or younger.

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